Portuguese Verb Conjugations

Portuguese verbs change form based on tense, mood, person and number. These changes are called conjugations.

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Verbs Change by the Person

Verb forms change depending on who or what is the subject of the action. In grammatical terms, this is referred to as "person".

For example, if I am the subject of the verb, the verb takes a "first-person" form. If you are the subject, the verb takes a "second-person" form.

Below are the six different person types along with the Portuguese subject pronouns of those persons.
First Person
Second Person
tuyou (singular, informal in Portugal)
Third Person
vocêyou (singular, informal in Brazil); you (singular, formal in Portugal)
First Person Plural
Third Person Plural
elesthey (masculine)
elasthey (feminine)
vocêsyou (plural)